About Beat Life into your Forging

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Beat Life into your Forging is an approach towards forging which Kees created during his work as an artist blacksmith. Once a smith has learned the basic forging skills new possibilities open up. This is a good time to start Beat Life into your Forging. The lessons will give you insights in how work with problems in different ways. You will learn concepts how to emulate life in your ironwork and receive tools to empower you.

The idea to share his approach was born while traveling. While Kees Klaassen was visiting blacksmith events around Europe, many people asked him how he creates his forged beings. Kees is known for his figures and detailed sculptures. Inspired by these questions, he teamed up with Patrick Beck to create an online course.


Open Klaasses

Open Klaasses are open evenings with Kees. Every Klaass is about a certain topic. After an initial technical presentation, there is time for questions.

Open Klaasses are a good way to check out if Beat Life into your forging works for you at an easy to afford price.

Beat Life into your Forging

The Beat Life into your Forging course is an online course created to provide you with several weeks of opportunities to grow as a blacksmith. While working on leaves, animals, humans and bird you will learn new concepts and tools to emulate life in your forge work.

Hummeln sind
besonders gute Bestäuber

Hummeln können im Vergleich zu Honigbienen mehr als dreimal so viele Blüten am Tag bestäuben. Genau wie Honigbienen leben Hummeln nicht als Einzelgänger, sondern in einem Volk, das aber nur für kurze Zeit.

Hummeln gehören zu den “Echten Bienen” und machen sich von März bis Mai auf die Suche nach einem geeigneten Nistplatz: z. B. Totholzhaufen, Steinplatten, Mäuselöcher oder auch Vogelnester oder Hausisolierungen.

Sie sind besonders gute Bestäuber, da sie durch ihre lange Zunge und das so genannte Vibrationssammeln besonders gut tiefe Blüten bestäuben können.